About Us

The St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra has a focus on providing opportunities for expression to the musicians of Central Minnesota, including those from St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, and other communities. The Symphony offers the only proximate opportunity for these professionals to perform with other high level artists, and eighty-five musicians participate each concert season.

Orchestra applicants must pass a rigorous audition process that was designed by the Musician Committee to assure the conductor and audience that only the highest-caliber musicians will perform with the Symphony. This allows the highly skilled musicians and the audience to enjoy challenging works that would not be possible without this adherence to artistic standards. While not a requirement, many Symphony members hold advanced degrees in music performance or music education.

Many young performers in Central Minnesota demonstrate great skill, experience and talent. Held to the same high audition standards, these outstanding musicians comprise 10% of the orchestra’s membership, are paid the same wage as adult musicians, and have the same expectations as their more experienced counterparts. Additionally, older, more seasoned Symphony musicians provide mentoring when they are paired with students.

The Symphony offers its musicians professional and leadership opportunities as well, and musician contributions to the governance of the organization have helped it grow artistically and financially. Four Symphony musicians sit on the Board of Directors, as full board members, and contribute a professional and artistic perspective necessary to effectively operate an orchestra.

The Musicians Committee is comprised of five Symphony musicians, two from the string section, one from the woodwind section, one from the brass section and one at-large member. The Musicians Committee develops and recommends policies and procedures for orchestra operations, such as audition procedures. Committee membership increases the number of musicians who are leaders in the organization, and has provided a valuable conduit for feedback from the musicians to board and staff alike.

While all organizational goals are important, the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra devotes significant time and effort to creating artistic and professional opportunities for its musicians. This includes the opportunity to perform some of history’s greatest compositions, explore more contemporary works, play in a variety of genres, and be part of premiering new works commissioned by the Symphony. Mentor/mentee relationships inside and outside the concert hall create exciting growth opportunities for everyone involved.

To audition for the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra contact Personnel Manager Jill Pattock at jpattock@stcloudsymphony.com.